Christmas Tablecloths.

Direct Linen offering a large range of designs to suit different tastes and decor, our christmas tablecloths are perfect for Christmas. We have an amazing selection of festive tablecloths for all the family. At Christmastime, it’s really nice to sit down at the table with your friends and family members and it is especially lovely if the table has a festive covering to brighten the whole scene up in keeping with the special time of year. You can choose from bright reds and deep purples to white and gold colours. We have Holly designs and sparkling gold stars and more. With more than a dozen different styles on offer, we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your Christmas table covering. Different designs are available such as Moroccan, Babilona, etc, there are many other offers available of a large variety, you can customise any large different shapes of tablecloths.

£8.03 exc. VAT (£9.64 inc. VAT)
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£16.26 exc. VAT (£19.51 inc. VAT)
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£17.42 exc. VAT (£20.90 inc. VAT)
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