Our TableShield rolls come in a fixed width of about 59″ (150cm). Any TableShield required that exceeds 59″ in both dimensions (or in diameter for circular TableShields) will have to be made in two pieces.
This is always mentioned on the TableShield customisation pages when you are placing an order (or just checking the cost), as well as in your shopping cart, and on your order invoice which is produced automatically and emailed to you upon completion of your online order.

Where it’s necessary to make a TableShield in two pieces, we leave the sides where the two pieces will touch each other unbound (i.e. without binding tape stitched on), to provide a smoother surface when you place the two pieces adjacent to each other.

If you are ordering a large TableShield and wish to request a different setup (for example, more than two pieces, specific positions of cutting the pieces, etc), please email us and let us know – we will then advise you of the feasibility of your request.

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