We can make chair covers to fit virtually any chair.

You will first need to purchase the Chair Collection and Sample service from our Customised Chair Covers section.
You can enter a convenient date that you would like us to collect your chair or sample chair cover in the additional notes field on the online checkout.

Once your order is through, we will send ParcelForce to collect your chair or chair cover. If we are collecting a chair, please make sure it has been properly packed to avoid damage during transit. Unfortunately we cannot control the couriers’ performance, and we are not liable for any damages occured during transit, although we may assist you in case of any claims with ParcelForce.

Once your chair has reached us, we will measure it and make a sample chair cover to fit it. We will then send both the sample cover and the chair back to you for approval.
If we collected a sample chair cover from you, please note that this will have to be cut in order for our technicians to be able to copy it precisely.

When you receive our sample cover, please email us to say whether you approve of it. Alternatively you may notify us regarding any amendments that may be required, and we will get the necessary information from you in order to produce a sample that meets with your satisfaction.

Once we have received your written approval by email, as well as a final order and payment for the full quantity of chair covers, we will be able to begin production, and from that point you can expect to receive your chair covers within 7 days, unless we advise you otherwise.

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